Presented by: Pastors, Calvin Bergsma & James Bugg 

"Christ the Rock and our Foundation"
  • Introduction 
  • Class Orientation
How to Build on the Foundation
  • The Authority of God's Word 
  • The Bible God's written Word 
  • Receiving (response) to the Word
    I Thessalonians 2:13, James 1:21
    Psalm 25:8-9, 12-14
    Romans 10:17
Repentance and Faith Toward God
  • Faith for Salvation - Faith to Live By 
  • The Law of Moses - Purpose of the Law
  • The Christian and the Law
The Doctrine of Baptisms
  • Water Baptism
The Doctrine of Baptisms (continued)
  • The Baptism into the Holy Spirit 
The Calling and Anointing for Leadership
  • Anointing Defined
  • Progress and spiritual growth
  • Its Significance in the Old & New Testament  
Leadership - Biblical Approach 
(Using the life of Nehemiah and other Biblical characters to illustrate.)
  • Four marks of a competent leader 
  • A blend of prayer and action
  • Basic Principles of Ministry
Specific Practices of Ministry
  • Defining using Spiritual Gifting
    (Prophesy, Tongues and the Interpretation of Tongues)
Specific Practices of Ministry (continued)
  • Defining using Spiritual Gifting
    (Word of Knowledge & Wisdom, Discerning of spirits, Healing, Faith & Miracles)
Specific Practices of Ministry
  • Deliverance / Spiritual Warfare
Laying on of Hands
  • Sending Out (Commissioning)